July-December 1858

The Collected Letters, Volume 34


JWC TO MARY CARLYLE AUSTIN ; 25 September 1858; DOI: 10.1215/lt-18580925-JWC-MCA-01; CL 34: 202-203


Thornhill, Saturday [25 September 1858]

Goodness! Gracious! Mary Dear! Dont be going and troubling your kind heart to hunt up “a close conveyance” for me! I can go that far, in weather like this, in any “old clatch”1 (if you have one), or in a cart, or—a wheelbarrow! Really and truly a cart, with a pair of blankets and an Umbrella (should it rain) will do quite famously! It is quite another affair going from the station2 to your house, in an open conveyance, and going all the way from your house to Scotsbrig—after dark!3

You should have got my last letter a day sooner; it and three others,—worst of all a Letter for Mr Carlyle, containing the key of the side board where was the key of the wine cellar, were all, instead of being taken to the Post office, forgotten on a shelf for 24 hours! Oh dear, I could have boxed everybody's ears! Don't, like a good soul, be putting yourself the least out of your way for me! I like milk and eggs, and above all cream (when I can get it) better than any delicacies that can be provided for love or money.

I do hope Monday will be fair.

Yours affectionately

Jane W. Carlyle

I will leave my luggage, all except my carpet bag at the Cummertrees station till the Wednesday morning which will simplify the process of conveying me up the hill. Jamie might carry me in his arms you see.