July-December 1858

The Collected Letters, Volume 34


TC TO EDWARD CHAPMAN ; 12 October 1858; DOI: 10.1215/lt-18581012-TC-EC-01; CL 34: 215-216


Chelsea, 12 Octr, 1858—

Dear Sir,

I do not myself see anything to hinder your third Thousand as proposed.1 But you had better write to Forster upon it; Forster, I suppose, will have to be at the settling about these new finance questions as before,—and I am far too busy for thinking abt them just now.

I have written to Robson, earnestly requesting despatch; and indicating “two months” as my own guess. The Copy is as plain as daylight,—now all ready for him, or on the point of that;—and I do not mean to look at any sheet farther. “Two months,” however, is almost 2 sheets a-day, is it not? To “put out a volume,” with Robson correcting, might possibly do; otherwise it wd be dangerous!—

There are some words wrong-spelt in the maps; item every map ought to have upon it vol & page (p.—a), that the Binder may not be able to blunder. Larkin will see to that, in time.

The Engraving to Vol II too,2 I suppose, is irremediable? It has not the least trace of Frh Wm's physiognomy in it,—whh must be admitted to be a grave defect! Two more sordidly mechanical pieces of “Art”3 I have not seen lately:—surely there is better to be got in London than that. If not, I think we must try Berlin or some other quarter, next time.

Yours in great haste

T. Carlyle