July-December 1858

The Collected Letters, Volume 34


TC TO JOSEPH NEUBERG ; 28 October 1858; DOI: 10.1215/lt-18581028-TC-JN-01; CL 34: 229-231


Chelsea, 28 octr, 1858—

Dear Neuberg,—Here is Magnus's Empfangsschein [receipt];1 whh you may read & burn.

I have been looking over your old museum Tickets, Excerpts &c; and reading Preuss's Thronbesteigung [Accession to the throne]2 (a dreary hollow chaunt of pretended psalmody, thro' one of the least musical of human throats,—ach Gott!)—and find myself sadly destitute of authentic, physiognomic particulars, or precise records about all that. Some more Books abt these affairs, all along from 1740 to 1756 (baddish Books, if good there are not) I ought to have: how cheap were £20, were £40, if it could essentially help me on that score! English Books, Prussn, French abt those 2 Silesian wars:—I wish you wd consult with yr learned neighbour,3 with yourself, and see whether there is nothing farther possible.— In the Museum I think is some “History of Kaiser Karl VI”4 (please see if there is not a real acct of his death there;—at any rate, get me the Ticket for it). Then there is Adelung, Staats-Geschichte (and other horrid compilatns):5 look into these a little; vote Whether one ought not to make an effort towards buying them? Surely there must be some English Narrative abt Carthagena,6 abt that Spanish War, abt &c &c:—I fear, not, however! Nothing but Pamphlets and unauthentic rubbish.

Does Dickens,7 in his Despatches, say nothing about “the Accession” in its outward phenomena? I am reduced to Bielfeld8 and the intolerable psalmody of Preuss!— Look some day for that Kaiser's death at any rate (they say it was an indigestion, and he wd not believe himself dying, &c) “20 octr, 1740, 1–2 a.m.”— The English Newspapers at least are discoverable: but perhaps they are even worse than Preuss! Tho' far from roadworthy, I want to be upon the road again. Sun is not high at this one's season of the year and afternoon!—

We are to be out on Sunday night coming;9 Sunday following that, not out, but will hope to see you here.

With Ticket10 (of Kaiser Karl, Adelung &c) I could perhaps go myself some day.

Yours always truly /

T. Carlyle