January-October 1859

The Collected Letters, Volume 35


TC TO JOSEPH NEUBERG ; 19 January 1859; DOI: 10.1215/lt-18590119-TC-JN-01; CL 35: 11-12


Chelsea, Wedy Night 19 jany, 1859

Dear Neuberg,—Could you step into the Paper-Office;1 and from “vol. 62, Prussian,” ascertain me a little point. Dickens,2Despatch 17 Augt 1740,” has had an Interview with Frh; of whh you give an Abstract, as Raumer3 does a longer but not so good a one. I want particularly to know on what day the Interview occurred.4 Frh was not in Berlin (or in Prussia at all) “on the 17th,”—tho’ that is no doubt the correct date of the Despatch. “vol 62” you mark it.— Any time before Sunday.

I have been reading stupid Raumer again: here are two other passages from him, unintelligible as he gives them: A Letter of Frh's to Podewils,5 “Molwitz 12 May 1741” “(vol liv”, says Rr; but must mean “vol. 64”?)—if you can easily find that Letter, read it, and you will be able to interpret Raumer here. Only don't seek much; for my want in this case is theoretic only. 2d case (quite theoretic too) is Austrn (no volume given) “Robinson,6 30 octr 1745”; who reports some utterly nonsensical stuff, abt Uhlefelds7 talk to him concerning Treaty of Utrecht,8 “Bavaria and Munster”;—completely distracted! Don't mind that either, if it threaten to cost you time.

I have broken my Pipe,—to my sorrow! Knocking the ashes out of it over my whip, as usual on finishing, the head dropt off, fell red into the dark night, and left me solitary. Bring another, please, with lid (at least to look at): I mean to pay for this one.

Item, Pray order at once another cargo of Paper; same quantity, same kind,—this kind. It is very good; nothing wanting but white colour instead of blue as here;—stand by it strictly in spite of the colour. Larkin has carried off almost all I had: do not forget, lest there be again an “improved” kind whh one cannot write upon.

You will tell us on Sunday Evg abt all these points; and how Newman performed.9

I wish very greatly you had done with that Translating:10—but indeed you are happier; under screen from the foul showers that are falling!—

Yours sincerely /

T. Carlyle