January-October 1859

The Collected Letters, Volume 35


TC TO CHARLES BUTLER ; 8 April 1859; DOI: 10.1215/lt-18590408-TC-CBU-01; CL 35: 66-67


Chelsea, 8 April, 1859—

My Dear Sir,

I am much obliged by your last kind message (Nw Yk 19 March); all parts of which, the sad part too,1 I have read with appropriate interest!—Today, in great hurry (as my wont is in these times), I restrict myself to the specially practical.

By your account of the Books, I perceive that you have got safely the 16 voll. (stereotype “Collected Works”) whh were successively sent, and which complete that set;—but farther (what was rather mortifying to me, and has produced dunning and remonstrance here in the proper quarter), that Two big new volumes called Life of Frederick were still lingering on their tedious route, at the time you wrote. My Publisher (Chapman 193. Piccadilly) asseverates that you are now sure to have got them (“delays at the Customhouse” &c notwithstanding); and adds that if you still have them not, a message addressed “Dr Cogswell, Astor Library,2 Lafayette Place, N. Yk” will at once bring them. Pray assure me that they are come to hand;3—and be so good as put the enclosed Note into the Post-Office, whh directs Mr Emerson when to apply (if needful) on the same sorry errand.4 That, I hope, is now finished.

With regard to the Money-Investment whh you are so kind as undertake for me,—we must submit to the accident of 2 Thousands being already planted (not to be torn up again, in my present sad hurry); and as to the 3d, I have this day given orders to my Banker at Dumfries (British Linen Company,5 Branch-Bank there) to send off straight way, to your Address, £1,000 on my behalf,—and to arrange with you for receiving the dividends of this and of the other sum, and for having the vouchers (Law etceteras whatever they are) put into his hand; so that all may be tightly set in order, agt any event, and there may be no more care required abt it from my inexperienced head. I hope there will be no difficulty, or not much, on your side either. The Dumfries Banker is a solid expert man of business; his address, “Robert Adamson Esq., Brith Ln Cy Bank, Dumfries N.B.”; and he has all my bits of factorage &c in hand: his Bank (headquarters of whh is in Edinh) is of old standing & respectability, and I believe has direct communicatn with New York. Were the matter once in Adamson's hand, I shd consider myself as having done with it; and the next £1,000 that falls to me I could, by his channel, send the same road, &c &c. In short I shd prefer it that way, if equally manageable.—— If not, then I have also a Banker (or Bank for the people are mere ciphers to me) who keeps a little money for me; and the dividends &c &c cd be made payable to “The Londn Joint Stock Bank, Western Branch, 69. Pall Mall” (that is the Title in full),—tho’ I shd like the other way (and still runs my imagination wd) considerably better!—In the course of a week after this, the money from Adamson will follow.—I beg many pardons for my haste, inexpertness, & the trouble I give; but your goodness is great. Yours ever truly

T. Carlyle