January-October 1859

The Collected Letters, Volume 35


TC TO RALPH WALDO EMERSON ; 9 April 1859; DOI: 10.1215/lt-18590409-TC-RWE-01; CL 35: 68-69


Chelsea, London, 9 April, 1859

Dear Emerson,—Long months ago there was sent off for you a Copy of Friedrich of Prussia, Two big red Volumes1 (for whh Chapman the Publisher had found some “safe swift” vehichle); and now I have reason to fear they are still loitering somewhere, or at least have long loitered; sorrow on them! This is to say: If you have not yet got them, address a line to “Saml F. Flower2 Esq, Librarian of Antiquarian Society Worcester Mass.” (forty miles from you, they say); and that will at once bring them. In the Devil's name!—

I never in my life was so near choked; swimming in this mother of Dead Dogs,3 and a long spell of it still ahead! I profoundly pity myself4 (if no one else does). You shall hear of me again if I survive;—but really that is getting beyond a joke with me; and I ought to hold my peace (even to you) and swim what I can.

Your little Touch of Human Speech on Burns5 was charming; had got into the Papers here6 (and been clipt out by me) before yr Copy came;—and has gone far & wide since: Neuberg was to give it me in German from the Allgemeine Zeitung;7 but lost the leaf.—— Adieu, my Friend; very dear to me, tho’ dumb.

T. Carlyle (in such haste as seldom was)—