January-October 1859

The Collected Letters, Volume 35


TC TO CHARLES BUTLER ; 13 April 1859; DOI: 10.1215/lt-18590413-TC-CBU-01; CL 35: 75-76


Chelsea, 13 April, 1859—

My dear Sir,

On reading your letter again before sending off the Adamson message I spoke of, other lights began to glimmer out on me from the bottom of the business, other care that perhaps was going to be needed from you:—and I decided not to send off that message to Adamson, but simply to bid him forward me the £1,000, and be ready if you shd have anything to say to him.1 He sent the money yesterday; yesterday I left it with my London Banker2 to pay thro’ the Union Bank3 in the way you direct (whh I made him copy); and today there is to come the “Certificate” or Receipt presentable by you to the “Messrs Duncan Sherman and Co New York,”4—whh I will inclose in this Note and instantly dispatch: I shall then have done with the matter. Please signify to me by some sign that the Money has come safe: I shall then feel no more concern abt it, but leave you to do wholly what your wisdom and kindness suggest in regard to the thing. You see well how totally inexperienced, and averse, I am in such finances: if you can make Adamson do for me, well; but if not, or not without too much trouble, then manage your own way,—whh I shall well believe to be the best that was devisable for me in the matter.

I am in these months particularly held down, and indeed more laden than you can conceive with that intolerable load of Prussian rubbish (whh has many times seemed as if it would really choke the life out of me before I got done with it): let this be my excuse for all short comings; if I do live to get honestly out of this sad whirling Abyss of Brandenburg dust and ashes, I promise to be an idler and a better boy for the remaining days appointed me.

When the Certificate arrives, I will mark the fact, before enclosing and sealing. I remain, Dear Sir,

Yours with many regards

T. Carlyle

Charles Butler Esq. N. Yk

Wedny morning, 14 April. Not till now did the Document come; but here it now is, all in proper form I think,—and truly a very simple straight operation it has been, in contradiction to my recluse fancyings! I enclose it, with my blessings; and wish you a happy deliverance,—flying back to my Prussian rubbish.— T. C.