January-October 1859

The Collected Letters, Volume 35


TC TO WILLIAMS & NORGATE ; 6 June 1859; DOI: 10.1215/lt-18590606-TC-WAN-01; CL 35: 105


To Messrs Williams & Norgate

The Adelung will do extremely well:—I only wish it had come 3 months ago; it wd have saved me a great deal of trouble so.—— There are now 3 other points to be attended to (with all the speed you can oblige me with!)

1o. To get, and forward with the utmost despatch, the “Seyfart (Friedh der Andern) vol I,”—or whole Book, or any Book-Copy that has vol I, if you cannot get vol I by itself.1 Only soon, for I am in great want of it!

2o. The first vol of Knesebeck's Herzog Ferdinand & 7 years-War, of whh you have sent me vol II. Vol II cannot be used, or begun upon at all, till Vol I is got:2 About this too I am in haste; meaning to take it to the country with me in about 2 weeks.

3o. Be so good as send for Hormayr's Anemonen. (Hormayr is Author of the Oesterreichische Plutarch,3 a man of real talent; the Anemonen (“Anemonies”) also treat of Austrian History, but in a bitter style, whence their name: I think it is in four voll. or so, a Book not scarce at all:—this too I want soon; but it is not so pressing as the others.

You will oblige me much by expediting these things.

T. Carlyle

Chelsea, 6 june 1859—