January-October 1859

The Collected Letters, Volume 35


TC TO JOSEPH NEUBERG ; 15 June 1859; DOI: 10.1215/lt-18590615-TC-JN-01; CL 35: 113-114


Chelsea, 15 june, 1859—

Dear Neuberg,

Lest I again forget, here is Draught for £1.19, the Price of the Prints:1 they have not cost much;—but for advancing one's intelligence of the Needful, they are worth nothing: we may quit that departt therefore, “No road there!”2— Do not forget to bring me yr Prints: I will at least look at them all leisurely again.

There is a Kleist in this last lot of mine: will you look in the Catalogue or otherwise convince yourself that it means “Christian Ewald von Kleist” (who perished at Kunersdorf, 1759),3 not “Heinrich von do[”]4 (who killed himself at Potsdam, 1811)! There is nothing but “Kleist” marked here; not the least, name, mark or symbol or symptom farther. My fat Gottsched5 is a darling; item my peeled Gessner!6— Come on sunday Evg,—and despatch us out of this horrible element7

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