January-October 1859

The Collected Letters, Volume 35


JWC TO HENRY LARKIN ; 14 July 1859; DOI: 10.1215/lt-18590714-JWC-HL-01; CL 35: 149


Humbie—Aberdour / Fife 14th July (my Birthday)

My dear Mr Larkin

Apparently you dont mean to answer me unless I give you some trouble—Well—here it is! along with this, you will get a note for the Servant at Mrs Huxhams—that is Miss Jewsbury's Landlady— “Old Jane” the woman's name is—and I dont hesitate to say she is the best woman in Chelsea not excepting myself!1

But the note in2 null and void until it have got a Sovereign inside it. Now there is no money-order office here and to send the coin is unsafe— So what I beg you to do for me is to put a Sovereign in the note (I wont forget to repay it) seal the note and take it yourself to Miss Jewsbury's and ask for the cook and give it to her—with one of your kindest smiles which indeed I need not desire you to bestow, for, I am sure when you see the woman you will be disposed to kiss her

The Post is waiting so I havn't a moment / God bless you /

affly yours /

Jane Carlyle