January-October 1859

The Collected Letters, Volume 35


TC TO JOSEPH NEUBERG ; 12 August 1859; DOI: 10.1215/lt-18590812-TC-JN-01; CL 35: 165-166


Auchtertool House, Kirkcaldy 12 Augt, 1859—

Dear Neuberg,

I am very glad to see your Letter, tho’ the Museum account &c are none of the best.1 I meant to write to you yesterday; but an “importunate”2 came in the way. Today I am quite out of sorts in point of health, and besides have hardly ten minutes of time: but it is the last chance I have of bidding you Good-b'ye before you leave England;3 therefore I write one word.

Our lodging being preengaged for and after the “6th of Augt,” and our Successor4 declining to negociate abt renouncing (when tried afar off),—we had to remove hither; abt 3 miles inland, still a most fresh, green airy hilly kind of place; and as a dwelling infinitely preferable (in fact it is a “Country Mansion,” with fine large rooms, fine &c &c: nevertheless the bother of shifting has far outweighed all these considerations;—the rather as I caught a nasty bilious cold in the busss, and am yet in the beautiful embrace of the same! However, I have been out on a beautiful ride (Quadruped Fritz rejoicing with me in the charming elements of sea and sky and land): I expect to be shortly well again, & to prosper in this new element also. Mark the Address and write to us from Heidingsfeld5— The King that said “Wa, wa!” was Clovis6 (same who broke the Rheims Vase with his battle-axe, disgusted because another had it):7 the Speech is in Millot, Histoire de France (I think) vol i; also in Dulaure, Histoire de Paris8 (if he have an Index) and in many Books.—— For the Franz's “£200,000”9 (whh does look big, I can only say I had authority, and remember to have been awake: Perhaps in Schoell,10 perhaps in Coxe's Walpole;—perhaps you had better let it stand witht farther bother. The VIIth vol. of Heldengeschichte11 contains the account of Frk's getting wind of the Brühl Plot (1755—6):12 confession of the Saxon Clerk who did that theft for him.13 You must not leave Germany witht getting me catch of this! Adieu, bon voyage

T. C.

Mrs is out on her Cuddy; she is not worse than when I wrote;14 au contraire, in spite of the heavy share she takes in the flitting operations & arrangts— We expect to be here till Septr come in. Once more, Good journey (& safe return).