January-October 1859

The Collected Letters, Volume 35


TC TO JOHN A. CARLYLE ; 31 August 1859; DOI: 10.1215/lt-18590831-TC-JAC-01; CL 35: 185-186


Auchtertool, 31 Augt, 1859

My dear Brother,

Your Letter has just come to me,—in the hours, I suppose, while you are coursing back towards Edinr again.1 I must take things more leisurely than your rapid Program indicates: I had not any notion, nor have at present a good possibility, of starting this week;2 my view was always loosely directed upon “the end of next week;”—and that, I think, will be soon enough for me.

At present I am in considerable hurry, having foolishly mistaken the hour on my watch this morning, and lain (perforce) a long while beyond my time!—What little is in some sort definite about my journey Southward (sorry on all “journies,” they take such scheming and adjusting and bothering, and do not seem worth it to ones lazy mind!) lies in the following points:

1o. That about the end of next week, scarcely sooner, was to be my time of quitting this,3 as above said.

2o. That I did not (on practically considering it) wish that you shd be at Scotsbrig during the time of my week or few days there: it wd be better I imagined that you were there while I was at The Gill, so that we might meet as often as we liked, and be in nobody's road, &c. I know not how this cd be well settled;—my wishes abt it have been vague extremely, and are perhaps in part inconsistent with each other. That is how they stand or stood.

3o. That I have not the least notion of pausing with anybody, except on busss, in Edinr; and that there is no doubt one's cavalry & self can be got to Scotsbrig whenever one resolves on it!4

Perhaps, before quitting Edinr, Saturday or when you like, it will be better to come over hither, and quietly stay all night,5 during whh we can settle everything.— I am due at Balgreggie,6 and (after settling Gordon,7 enclosed) must run!

Yours ever /

T. C.