January-October 1859

The Collected Letters, Volume 35


TC TO CHARLES BUTLER ; 6 September 1859; DOI: 10.1215/lt-18590906-TC-CBU-01; CL 35: 194


Auchtertool, Kirkcaldy N.B. / (for Chelsea, London) / 6 Septr, 1859—

My dear Sir,

The day before yesterday, I received your Letter, with its Inclosure,—£14 half-yearly Dividend,1—date New York 17 Augt; punctual as that always is, like the movements of the Zodiac:—and can only again thank you for all the kind skill & trouble you expend on my behalf. The Investment of the £1,0002 appears to be complete in all its parts; and could not be surpassed in any of the qualities required in such a transaction. So soon as the Document you talk of (“Certificate” or whatever the name is) comes to hand, I will lock it well away; and have the pleasure of thinking that human art could do nothing more for me in regard to that particular bit of business,—for whh I myself was so little qualified, and whh nevertheless was required at my hands under penalty. The investt seems to be as safe as any in this mutable world can be; and clearly enough the rate of interest is as 7 to 4, compared to any I could find, on what were judged sure terms, in this country.3 You have very much obliged me; and if the consciousness of that can be any recompense, most surely it is yours, with the wish on my part that I had a better to offer!—

We have been here, in the Scotch maritime regions (pleasant country, across the Frith from Edinburgh), for above two months past; endeavouring to gather a little strength out of the blessed Summer, instead of being stewed to despair by it in the heats of London. We were both of us, especially my Wife, at a very low ebb before removing hither; and both of us, especially she, have derived some visible profit; and hope to front the Winter on rather better terms. I, alas, have still my Task mainly ahead of me; and it is horrible to me4 to think of! But I must do my best & wisest; and hope to struggle thro’ by some kind of miracle! In 2 weeks more we are to be in Chelsea; and must try.——with many kind regards & thanks, I am ever, Yours sincerely T. Carlyle