January 1829-September 1831

The Collected Letters, Volume 5


JWC TO ALEXANDER CARLYLE; 13 September 1831; DOI: 10.1215/lt-18310913-JWC-AC-01; CL 5:425-426.


Templand Tuesday [13? September 1831]

My dear Alick

I have got little new light either as to my own transportation or the transportation of my luggage—but am nevertheless still intent on being off on Thursday week[.]1 Carlyle writes to bring meal butter &c at all rates and “whatever else I think will be required in a lodging house”—a most indefinite order which however I shall endeavour to comply with to the best of my ability— He also writes that there are—bugs! in his present lodging and therefore it will most likely not suit—a revelation which has given my weak nerves a considerable shock—but doubtless we shall be enabled to prevail against the Devil even in this new shape— For the rest he is tolerably well trying to push on poor Dreck with what power he has—but “sair haden doon with the Bub[b]ly Jock”2 of a Bookseller—

Now I will expect you the end of the week[.] I should like to get to Scotsbrig on Tuesday at latest— And there will be a large barrel to take—besides a box, trunk & c—so that the cart will be indespensible [sic]— If you bring the butter I shall be all ready to pack—my Mother having got meal made &c &c— And I will give you all my thanks and speeches about trouble at once—

We should have been home yesterday but the pony could not be had for Grace3 and my Mother would positively not suffer us to set out till today when she could send a cart with her and the meal &c all at once— Today it is a pour of rain—if it dries up we will go still and keep Charles4 all night— I am quite distressed at the waste of time when so much is to be done—

Will you ascertain what time the boat from Annan sails—how it conducts itself, and when it reaches Liverpool— My Cousin Alick5 is here but unfortunately he goes by the coach on Monday— My kindest love to them all at Scotsbrig—and to yourself[.] On Saturday or Sunday or Monday at farthest I will look for you—

Your affectionate Sister /

Jane W Carlyle