October 1831-September 1833

The Collected Letters, Volume 6


TC TO JOHN STUART MILL; 28 October 1831; DOI: 10.1215/lt-18311000-TC-JSM-01; CL 6:36.


Ampton Street [October? 1831]

Are you disengaged on Sunday? Come hither, and let us, in profitable speech, worship together. Will you have breakfast—as early as you like? Or would you rather transact that matter at home? Let us meet, and walk, somewhither.

In any case tell me how you will meet me, how you may be met. The India House, alas, is antipodal to all my present courses. I have been twice within gunshot of your place at Kensington, but could not hope you were there then. Meanwhile I have been evenings and even half-days quite alone here; when your company would have been far more precious than anything I have to think of at present.

What is cheerfuller than Light? Speech! …