October 1831-September 1833

The Collected Letters, Volume 6


JWC TO JOHN WELSH; 14 November 1832; DOI: 10.1215/lt-18321114-JWC-JWE-01; CL 6:256-257.


Templand Wednesday / night [14 November 1832]

My dear Uncle

My Husband wrote to you last night according as he was instructed; that my dear Grandfather was so ill that no hope remained, and the end was hourly expected— We now regret that we should have been so precipitate in making our fears known to you; lest you should set off immediately and arrive here to witness his continuing struggle, which could now be no satisfaction to him, and only a great sorrow to yourself. I do not know what Carlyle said of your coming; and he is not here to night to ask him— But in case he did not bid you wait further accounts My Mother thinks it best to write again that you may not be put to greater pain and disconvenience than needful— To day and thro' the last night my Grandfather contrary to the expectation of all has seemed to recover a little strength—is distinctly so far revived that it seems no longer impossible he may remain with us a little longer, which for my Mother[']s sake above all is much to be prayed for[,] she is so unfit at present to endure the severe separation— Wonderfully has she stood the fatigue of these last days after a confinement to bed for weeks— To day she is laid up but it is no return of her complaint only a violent headach[e] which the want of sleep and anxiety of mind might have brought on a quite healthy person.

Some of us will write tomorrow if there is any change—if not the day following—and you my dear Uncle will not hasten to set off till you hear.

God bless you all. / Your affectionate Niece /

Jane W Carlyle