October 1831-September 1833

The Collected Letters, Volume 6


TC TO JAMES FRASER; 6 March 1833; DOI: 10.1215/lt-18330306-TC-JFR-01; CL 6:339-340.


Edinr, 6th March, 1833

My Dear Sir,

Your “Quack of Quacks”1 is actually under way (sixteen Pages of him written); but has been fearfully kept back by colds, by visits, by accidents of all kinds. He can hardly be ready “before the fifteenth”; so, for this Number, must not be depended on.

Here are five pages of Philosophic stuff,2 which I send you in the interim, having opportunity. If you like them send me a Proof-sheet (folded as Post-Letter in the way you know): I will try to have Cagliostro ready to return with it, and save carriage. C. is going to be a very queer fellow[.]


I used to know De Quincey3 rather well: he is here in Edinr; but none of his Friends can see him by calling, he has hardly shewn face for the last two years; and is at present wholly occupied getting out what we in Scotland call a Cessio Bonorum [something to satisfy his creditors];4 that is to say, a surrendering of all earthly property to avoid going to Jail! That he has not written for you, or to you, will in these circumstances no longer surprise. I mean to attempt seeing him before I go; and if I have opportunity shall mention your affair.

As to the Independent Pittite—— But I have no moment to spare at present.5

Let me not forget to add that we are changing our House; the address after Monday first6 will be: “4. Great King-Street, Edinburgh.”

And so good night! I am glad to see Heraud7 again: my respects and sympathy to William Fraser.8

Always faithfully, /

T. Carlyle—

If Mr Mill leave you some Books pray take charge of them, and send them hither.