October 1831-September 1833

The Collected Letters, Volume 6


JWC TO SUSAN HUNTER; 6 May 1833; DOI: 10.1215/lt-18330506-JWC-SS-01; CL 6:383-384.


[6 May 1833]

My dear Friend (a parting liberty)

According to etiquette I should have called [u]pon you today, to take leave; and make a speech about your kind attentions. But besides the usual hindrance of a bad head, and the incidental hindrances of packing and callers; I confess I have a strong repugnance to saying the word farewell, to any one I am really sad to part from— I must not go however with[out] writing a ‘God bless you’ which I do very sincerely—and assuring you of what you may have already, without gift of prophecy, divined that I like you—and purpose thro' the strength of Providence to continue to like you, at a distance in the grim seclusion of our hermitage—where I once more repeat it will give me true pleasure to welcome you as an inmate[.] I depend more on Mr Jeffrey's no promise than on most men[']s promises.

Wishing you all as much felicity as poor mortals dare look to enjoy, I remain ever / affectionately yours

Jane W Carlyle

4 King Street
Monday evening