October 1833-December 1834

The Collected Letters, Volume 7


JWC TO ELIZA MILES; 31 January 1834; DOI: 10.1215/lt-18340100-JWC-EMI-01; CL 7:e4.


[late January 1834?]

As my parting counsel (which being a fellow-sufferer I may be permitted to offer) beware of Doctors! swallow anything (poison excepted) rather than a prescription— “They are all Physicians of no value”—their prescriptions are slow death— Put your trust in diet, exercise, a[nd the Hand] of Providence— A new order of M[edicine may] arise; cant and quackery and pu[blic fraud?] be swept overboard with the his[tory of medicine?] before Doctors regain their old usef[ulness,] their old honour among mankind— Let you and I and all saneminded Dispep[tics] minister to ourselves—

And now God bless you— Remembe[r] me to all the household—to Mrs Page1 in particular who was oftenest in collision with me, and always kindly— I assure you we thought ourselves very fortunate in having fallen among such worthy and friendly people—and we often talk of you as friends now that our other relation no longer exists— Again God bless you my dear Eliza— Think of me ever as your affectionate friend and wellwisher

Jane W Carlyle

I inclose this to the Lord Advocate2 who will forward it speedily