January 1835-June 1836

The Collected Letters, Volume 8


TC TO JEAN CARLYLE AITKEN; 30 January 1835; DOI: 10.1215/lt-18350130-TC-JCA-01; CL 8:28.


Friday Morning [30 January 1835]—

Dear Jean,

Here is the Frank I expected. I had written the whole of the inclosed,1 when yesterday's Courier came, and I observed on it, “write”: so you see I did it not on compulsion. I am going into the City (that is the old part of London five miles East from this) to, among other things, order tobacco. Mundell's man holds out there, and furnishes me with an excellent unadulterated article, which he keeps in a separate Barrel and never shows to the Cockneys. I also expect some Pipes from Edinburgh thro' Mrs. Welsh's Kindness (who is there at present); there [not] being any such thing that I could ever meet with as a respectable Pipe in [this “large] and populous City.”2— The Political people were all very busy last night where we were; but nothing edifying came out: they must just “carry on till Lonsdeale come.”3 We shall wish them speed.—— Now mind the Sheets, bairn, and see that they be rightly ruled, and large ones: I have mentioned them to my Mother.

I will not forget Jenny today, but thank her for her Postscript, and send her my best brotherly regards. I hope she sticks to her seam, and neglects no means of gaining a little improvement, better for her than fine gold. You will get the Letters out on Wednesday, I suppose: you must write to me very soon.

Affectionately, /


You can send over M'Diarmid's Note any time; and make him come and look at the Showerbath, or else advertise it. I fear it is in your way: if it stood under cover and out of the road anywhere, there were no such hurry about it.