January 1835-June 1836

The Collected Letters, Volume 8


TC TO LEIGH HUNT; 13 February 1835; DOI: 10.1215/lt-18350200-TC-JHLH-01; CL 8:44-45.


[Early February 1835?]

My Dear Sir,

I regret you should have heard at all of poor John's having ever applied to me:1 nothing else but the hope you might not hear could have excused me for not apprising you instantly. Nevertheless be of comfort; all I do trust may still be well. Let this line meanwhile assure you that the poor boy has spoken no word, given no faintest hint to prejudice me against you, which indeed no hint or word of his (or I think of anybody's) could have done; he seems to me to love you as a son should; to be in short a wild untamed creature with considerable stuff in him,—whom the world will tame. So much suffice at present. Tonight I fear I shall be engaged; but if not, I will certainly step over to you: at all events, tomorrow. Pray explain nothing to me that you feel it painful to speak of. I have trust enough in you; and, I may say, no distrust at all.

Yours always /

T. Carlyle