January 1835-June 1836

The Collected Letters, Volume 8


TC TO JOHN STERLING; 12 April 1836; DOI: 10.1215/lt-18360412-TC-JOST-01; CL 8:332-333.


[12 April 1836]

Thanks, my dear Sterling, for your kind message, and confirmation of the good news which I hear daily. 1 This weather will set you up again, if you take care; and we shall meet soon, and many a time, under the stars,—and if God will, above! We are in His World, as I understand it; and can hope all things, nay foresee all things that are good for us.——

The Wahlverwandtn2 is the only other of Goethe's Novels that you have not read. There is the German Werther indeed, and some Briefe aus der Schweitz3 appended to it; but I doubt your appetite.— Have you seen the Dichtung und Wahrheit?4 That is best of all. But I send you the general Catalogue (which pray do not lose, for I can find nothing without it): choose what you will; with my blessing. I know no finer reading in the world at present.

We are what is called “very well”; that is, alive and stirring at some work, in a very bilious state. My Brother John, the Doctor, is expected today! I should like well that he saw you, would arrangements permit, some time; if not for your sake, then for my own. He is a fellow of considerable insight, and perfect candour; in whose Medicality I am (slowly) gathering a sort of real faith, almost to my own surprise.

Great quantities of noisy heads, and blockheads; Anster-Faust5 (a huge heavy watery lump, in spectacles), Paracelsus Browning;6 Craik, Craik!7 &c &c,—were all acting on me last night at Hunt's: not favourably. By the bye, Jeffrey has taken Hunt's Pension in hand: may he prosper in it! Mill I find has as yet made small way.8

I have been reading Hare's Guesses at Truth;9 really with great satisfaction. A fresh, robust, light-loving man;—who ought to be a Bishop. I have done with the Forster;10 or can be in few minutes, by marking a little: but do not send it yet.

My Wife sends audibly and inaudibly innumerable good-wishes towards you and yours. Good be in your Household,—and I soon, when you are strong enough!

Ever Affectionately /

T. Carlyle

Cheyne Row, Tuesday.