July 1836-December 1837

The Collected Letters, Volume 9


TC TO JAMES FRASER; 1 May 1837; DOI: 10.1215/lt-18370501-TC-JFR-01; CL 9:201-202.


Chelsea, Monday [1 May 1837]—

My dear Sir,

I observe your Printers have again in the Magazine, and also in that yellow Announcement, put Bastile in place of Bastille.1 Pray, when you advertise, take care to correct them in this mistake. It is one which all English Printers are prone to commit; and yet is an ominous kind of mistake; Bastile being literally no word at all; and only Bastille being tolerable to people that know anything of French.

I have got everything safe and sound out of the hands of the Robsons. It is my part to say of them that they are accurate punctual Printers, and have been extremely helpful to me in this business. Moyes too must undoubtedly have done before this time; but he has not sent me the Perfect sheets of Vol. I[?]: nay the last of Vol I is still due. Would you be so good as remind him of this. I want the sheets to despatch to Rome by a conveyance there is.

Mr Mill is extremely impatient for his Copy of the Book; he is pressed in regard to time, he says. I have assured him that the instant you had a Copy ready, you would send it to him. As I doubt not you will.

I have got my first Lecture over.2 I had a pretty audience; mostly of quality.3 It was not a break-down; this is all that can be said of it: the next will be better we hope.

Yours always truly /

T. Carlyle.