July 1836-December 1837

The Collected Letters, Volume 9


TC TO LEIGH HUNT; 16 May 1837; DOI: 10.1215/lt-18370516-TC-JHLH-01; CL 9:203-204.


[Ca. 16 May 1837]

My dear Sir,

There is a worthy old-friend of mine here at present, an intelligent good man, Burgher of the little Scotch Town of Annan, whom I have known since my school days.1 He is to be with us this evening. I would not have him leave London without an image of at least one man worth carrying so far. Our tea is at six. There will be none here but Friend Ben Nelson and we. Can you give us an hour? I am sure you will like Ben, and he you. Refuse frankly if you cannot.

There is a kind of possibility that I may catch John Mill too; but no certainty, perhaps hardly likelihood.

Yours ever /

T. Carlyle