July 1836-December 1837

The Collected Letters, Volume 9


TC TO MARY WELSH; 25 June 1837; DOI: 10.1215/lt-18370625-TC-MWE-01; CL 9:233-234.


Manchester, Sunday 25th June 1837—

Dear Mrs Welsh,

I have got thus far on my journey northward, by way of Hull and Leeds, hitherto with tolerable luck, which I hope need not alter now till we are fairly over the Frith; and at rest, as Jane used to say, “on the sunny sides of hedges,” with Cockneydom far enough behind one. I got here to my Sister's last night; and, finding that there is a Packet on Tuesday afternoon, and no other right one till Friday, I must make no delay. If all go right, you will see me some time tomorrow; then after that I am yours for four and twenty hours: no doubt you will welcome the coming guest; you must also speed him that has to go. I have a package and letter for Mr Welsh, and innumerable things to ask and answer in the interim. I will try to be with you some time in the afternoon. Whether it is worth while to write announcing such an event I think may be doubtful; but my time being short and my desire not to miss you great, I do decide in the affirmative. The whirl in my head and elsewhere is so great that if I went on writing, it would be to write only nonsense; wherefore the thing needful to say being said I will here terminate for this day.

Jane was a good deal better; indeed almost about as well as formerly. Her Mother also was well; meant to stay with her till my return. I am loaded with compliments for all of you. My respects till tomorrow.

Ever yours truly /

T. Carlyle.