July 1836-December 1837

The Collected Letters, Volume 9


TC TO LEIGH HUNT; 20 September 1837; DOI: 10.1215/lt-18370900-TC-JHLH-01; CL 9:305-306.


[? Sept. Oct. Nov. 1837]

My dear Sir,

Here is the Atlas1 with many thanks and apologies. As I still see the Examiner, and do not make much of Newspapers, I think it will perhaps be better that you do not trouble yourself farther about this Atlas (which seems stupid enough); or at least only send it to me (with perhaps a pencil-mark or snip of paper at the place) when you find anything interesting in it.

[I will] send over the fragment of [Amadeus (?)] Müll[n]er,2 not that I think it will ever be of any use to you; but that it may shew I was willing to be of use had the disastrous eclipse or magnetic sleep I have been living in of late permitted me. Everybody says, the Repository is quite a new thing, so attractive, humane &c; as I myself say, and much more. May it “attract” purchasers enough, and be a blessing to all parties.3

You must come and see me surely? If not I will come and see you.

I pass these days in a very low condition of soul; reading Byron's Letters;4 extremely sorry for him, for myself, and all mankind.

Ever faithfully Your's /

[T. Carlyle]