The Collected Letters, Volume 10


JWC TO SUSAN H. STIRLING ; 20 June 1838; DOI: 10.1215/lt-18380620-JWC-SS-01; CL 10: 108-109


Wednesday morning [20 June 1838]

My dear Susan

I cannot tell you how provoked I was, on returning last night from a dinner engagement which I contracted some three years ago, and could have put off without regret for three years longer—to find you had been here in the interim—and my annoyance mounted to a quite epic pitch when I reflected that from the malarrangement of our peculiar threepenny post you could not possibly receive a note from me till late this evening. Could you have had notice in time, I should have been irresistibly tempted to inflict a wound on the heart of the sentimental Mrs Jameson1 by sending an apology for my nonappearance at his [her] house this afternoon—but as it is, it were of no use—not hearing from me in time you will not risk coming—so I may even go—to reflect all the while how much more pleasantly I should have felt myself situated at home tete a tete with you. send me word before you go what day you will spend with me next week that I may take care to be free of all flesh— We must have an infinite number of extraordinarily interesting things to say to one another— It has been bad work with me since we met—but I am a little strengthened at present— Dear Susan I shall be very glad to see you again— I have always thought of you and loved you and wished you happy—but have always been myself so sick, so dispirited & hardly equal to writing to the Mother that bore me— God bless you à revederci [till we meet again] Your own

Jane Carlyle