The Collected Letters, Volume 10


JWC TO SUSAN H. STIRLING ; 23 June 1838; DOI: 10.1215/lt-18380623-JWC-SS-01; CL 10: 110-111


[23 June 1838]

My dear Mrs Stirling (if you continue to call me Mrs Carlyle I must imitate your example and keep up all the forms) My dear Mrs Stirling then—did you or did you not get a note from me?1—if not; how lost to all naturality must you have thought me— This time I write within two seconds of having read yours—but our post being quite a distracted sort of concern, it is possible enough that my ‘yes to be sure’ may not reach you in time for Monday and therefore let us say Tuesday2

On Tuesday we shall see each other again and if you still love me, we can meet with consciences void of offence—for I have always loved you.

And so God bless you love à vous

Jane Carlyle


4 o'clock

You will come as early in the morning as possible—and stay till the last omnibus— Alas that I have a Lady3 in my spare bed—or rather alas that I have not more spare beds—