The Collected Letters, Volume 10


TC TO [JEAN CARLYLE AITKEN] ; 14 July 1838; DOI: 10.1215/lt-18380714-TC-JCA-01; CL 10: 125


[14 July 1838]

Here comes hearty rain just while I am sealing up; Heaven be thanked for it! The grass everywhere was almost entirely burnt brown.———

The distress of the country at present seems beyond expression. There will almost infallibly be riots and bloodshed before long. I am thankful not to be Prime Minister in such a distracted, delirious, and everyway miserable and despicable time!—

I was happy to hear of James's success in the asylum business: it may turn out for his good in various ways. People will see better what manner of stuff he is made of. He does well not to be a sollicitor beyond measure. It is better when a man's work and conduct speaks for him.


They report very unfavourably of Isabella from Scotsbrig: but without any intelligible particulars; always merely that she is “no better.” I suppose it to be dyspepsia (stomach-disease), and consequent universal dispiritment.


The rain still falls; but I fear will not last very long!— Farewell again.

T. C.