The Collected Letters, Volume 11


TC TO LEIGH HUNT ; 31 December 1839; DOI: 10.1215/lt-18390000-TC-JHLH-01; CL 11: 238



My Dear Sir,

Your little German Annual for 1791, not uninteresting otherwise, does seem rather questionable in the part you suspect. It treats there of Father Origen's feat, in Language as good as Gibbons;1 but warns its lady-readers (as it well enough may) to “look only thro' their fans” at such a thing.— I fear you must not send it.

How often has your kind soliloquy an exact counterpart within my own person!— I am good for nothing at all, during these late weeks; sunk in confusion of dyspepsia, dispiritment, and the impossiblity to make any way in my confused work. Tonight or tomorrow night, you shall have share of my dulness since I have nothing better to impart—

God bless you!

Yours always, /