The Collected Letters, Volume 11


TC TO MARY RICH ; 27 May 1839; DOI: 10.1215/lt-18390527-TC-MRI-01; CL 11: 118


Chelsea, Monday [27? May 1839]—

Dear Mrs Rich,

If you have that Letter still about you which Admiral Griffiths wrote me concerning the Vengeur, it would be very useful at present.1 I think I remember giving it you at one of Darwin's reunions a good while ago; and I do not remember getting it back. I am now drawing up a formal contradiction of that piece of rhodomontade; to be published in Fraser's Magazine, that it may be referred to in the new edition of the F. Rn now coming out.2 Admiral Griffiths has entirely snuffed out the light of that Delusion, and left it with a black wick for all future time: let him number this among his good services too.

If you cannot lay your hand on the Letter, never mind; I shall manage without it.— Mrs Wedgwood was to tell you about it; but, I daresay, forgot. How can I complain? Wedgwood's Newspaper, which he left me to read, was carried off next morning by the maid into some orderly receptacle (under Pianos or elsewhere), and came flashing thro' my memory for the first time the day before yesterday in Sloane Street;—so that I can only send it off along with this! We are all fallible creatures.

Ever truly yours, /

T. Carlyle