The Collected Letters, Volume 11


TC TO JOHN STUART MILL ; 6 December 1839; DOI: 10.1215/lt-18391206-TC-JSM-01; CL 11: 225


Chelsea, 6 Decr, 1839—

My dear Mill,

After a good deal of consulting and considering this way and that, I have found that on the whole it would be best to give Fraser the Paper, and let him send it out as a pamphlet, for the Tories to read.1 He “could not undertake to publish any reprint from the Westminster”: I calculated that the Tories would not see me for a long time, if at all, on any other scheme. So there we are,—wisely, or unwisely. I shall at any rate be the sooner rid of the thing; in a week or two: a great blessing of itself.

Mazzini2 and Usiglio3 called here yesterday; but I unluckily was out. They are coming again on Monday Evening: durst you venture thro' the night-air for such a purpose?

Always yours /

T. Carlyle