The Collected Letters, Volume 12


JWC TO FRANCES WEDGWOOD ; 28 October 1840; DOI: 10.1215/lt-18401028-JWC-FW-01; CL 12: 304-305


[28 October 1840]

Goodness's self!

What unparalleled toleration. I stand amazed before it as in the presence of the Infinite!

When I turn from you to my own preposterous self; shame glows on my cheeks and agitates my innermost heart— “Yea verily” as poor Edward Irving used to phrase it—“it hath been a black and burning shame”! But I am not going to—write my penitence—for in fact it is unwritable. I am going to bring it to your feet in the body—or to your arms if you are still angel enough to grant me—the sisternal embrace—

Meanwhile—pity me—hate me you cannot—nay perhaps you will love me, wretch that I am!— Who knows?—your gentle eyes will tell me about it when I come—

Your ever affectionate but infatuated

Jane Carlyle

Wednesday morning