The Collected Letters, Volume 13


TC TO LORD LYTTELTON ; 14 January 1841; DOI: 10.1215/lt-18410114-TC-LOL-01; CL 13: 17


Chelsea, 14 jany, 1841—

Dear Lord Lyttelton,

I wish you were here yourself, as we hope you soon will be, to assist us in choosing a Librarian! Candidates multiply: two fresh ones were here today; Cochrane himself, it seems, has hardly altogether given up yet.

Your Protegee Washbourne I have seen: he seems an intelligent, vivacious, cheerful-hearted, serviceable-looking man;—unluckily perhaps with more skill in Bibliopoly than Bibliography: but we are to remember that the meed is not laurel crowns and the Bank of England, but hard work and £150 a-year; Perfection is a thing we must not look for! I am not sure but, in defect of Cochrane, this Mr Washbourne is likely in very truth to be the suitablest of all for us. Pray come yourself, and look.

Hoping soon to see you here, for the good of the Nation and of other Interests,

I remain always / Yours with much regard /

T. Carlyle