The Collected Letters, Volume 13


JWC TO THOMAS CARLYLE ; 16 April 1841; DOI: 10.1215/lt-18410416-JWC-TC-01; CL 13: 102-103


Friday [16 April 1841]


How very sorry I am to have occasioned you this anxiety— Have you swallowed another pill? Or did it never occur to you that your last letter but one would leave me uncertain of your whereabout? Anyhow it was very criminal in me not to write, in case of your staying on, and feeling uneasy—

I am afraid the letter I sent off yesterday will not reach you till tomorrow— Railroads with all their wonderful speed are still too dilatory—

Be at ease about my health— I am getting better—surely, which is better than rapidly— I feel a little bit stronger every day—sleep about a quarter of an hour longer every night—eat about a quarter of an ounce more at every meal— I spend my time very much to my mind—because my mind is alone consulted in the spending of it— I do nothing as virtue—simply consult my sensations, tho Darwin said when he found me sewing a table cover the other day that I “looked decidedly virtuous”— One gets horribly meager and moony on “virtue's own reward”—as I have found—and so I go now upon the prescription of Mrs Booth's Dr1— “Keep yourself always comfortable” only leaving out the “with cordials”—for Porter does not exactly mount into the sphere of cordials.

I am glad you are going to the Marshalls—and I would have you go into Nottinghamshire2 as well—it will all work together for your good—after if not at the present—and you will have so many biographical notices to bring back to me—!

Mr Ogilvy3 has got a house at Bayswater for a month commencing from the 23d— Today they are actually off to Windsor— I do not think I have another item in shape of news to tell unless that Ruffini dined with a Greek the other day and eat three dozen and a half of snails! I shall never be able to endure him any more— O dear me I wish I could make this pass to you like a flash of lightening to relieve your uneasiness and you will not get it till Monday God keep you your affectionate

Jane Carlyle