The Collected Letters, Volume 13


TC TO JANE WILSON ; 26 June 1841; DOI: 10.1215/lt-18410626-TC-JWI-01; CL 13: 164-165


Chelsea, Saturday [26 June 1841]

Alas, dear Miss Wilson, “on Wednesday evening”1 at 8 o'clock, I embark at Downe's Wharf for the River Tyne!2

Our celestial house does not turn out to be so cheap as was at first said; and clouds arise, cloud on cloud, of which, in the dim tardy way of correspondence, there seems to be no ending: wherefore I am off in person; to see with my eyes, and arrange yonder; leaving my wife in the interim, whom I am to instruct how to arrange here prior to shutting-up! I hope you pity me. No “enraged musician”3 was ever worse off— I have a thousand things to do; but it will disappoint me much, if I do not still contrive to see you for a minute, and say Farewell, otherwise than on paper.

My Wife did not stay for the comic portion of the business, that night, with Rachel.4

Ah me,—“comedy”? It is past laughing at;—and yet is not worth crying for.

Yours with ineffaceable remembrance,

T. Carlyle