August-December 1842

The Collected Letters, Volume 15


JWC TO MARGARET WELSH ; 5 August 1842; DOI: 10.1215/lt-18420805-JWC-MW-01; CL 15: 6


5 Cheyne Row, Friday [5 August?] (1842).

MY DEAR MRS. WELSH,—I write today merely to say that I will write again so soon as I have anything to tell you of what you naturally wish to know. But it will take some time even to get answers to the questions you ask—so you must not grow impatient and fancy that we are neglecting the business.

My husband has already made two long journeys about it with almost no result. The first day he found Mr. Buller absent, the second time he was at home but entirely ignorant as to the when and how of this particular branch of New Zealand business.1 He was quite ready however to bestir himself in getting the necessary information, and also to use his interest in behalf of any friend of Carlyle's. He promised to go forthwith to the Secretary a Mr. Ward2 and ask him all about it—and write to my husband the result of his enquiries—but all sorts of business I observe get on here very slowly and unsatisfactorily by writing; so my husband will have to go to him again I imagine—and perhaps to the secretary also—and perhaps several times, before any good is done. Be assured, however, that you will not have to wait a day thro' any remissness on our part—and that is all the satisfaction I can give you at present.