August-December 1842

The Collected Letters, Volume 15


TC TO WILLIAM MAXWELL ; 9 September 1842; DOI: 10.1215/lt-18420909-TC-WIMA-01; CL 15: 83


Troston, Ixworth, Suffolk / 9 Septr, 1842—

Dear Sir,

Your Papers respecting the Templand business have followed me out hither; I find them all right, clear, and in due final order; and have much satisfaction in returning you the Receipt signed as you direct; and so, with many thanks for your kind services, closing this Transaction. It would have been briefer, had I known the ground as I now do, to have gone to you at once; and surrendering the matter into your hands from the first, to have waited, as I have lately been doing, in perfect silence, till the issue matured itself without farther intervention of mine.

I have to beg that you will now convey to His Grace, in some fit way, my acknowledgements for his handsome treatment of me in this matter; my true satisfaction and thankfulness that all has ended as it does. It would have been a lasting sorrow to my Wife and me, had we parted from her mother's kind and generous Landlord in an unkind manner; and terminated a relation rendered mournfully interesting now in a spirit so different from that in which it had always been carried on!

With many thanks, I remain,

Dear Sir, / Yours most truly /

T. Carlyle.