January-July 1843

The Collected Letters, Volume 16


JWC TO FRANCES WEDGWOOD ; 25 January 1843; DOI: 10.1215/lt-18430125-JWC-FW-01; CL 16: 31-32


[ca. 25 January 1843]

Dearest Mrs Wedgwood

Here is Mrs Jameson's address,1 which I have procured from her sister in Belgrave Place— If you can make out the word before Cottage I shall consider you qualified to read———your own beautiful little handwriting!

I am afraid we must postpone the transaction till a future Monday2— Carlyle went to Lewisham last week and staid all night—the consequences have been dreadful! “Rheumatism in his back,” “indescribable qualms in his interior” and the Devil to pay ever since! We are still only getting the damage repaired thro' blue pill and castor oil. The Lewisham day was a fatal one for me also tho' I did not stir from home— Robertson came in the evening3—and Carlyle, who does all the talk naturally, not being there I was obliged to talk a little—this simple talking—and to Robertson—for whom anything is good enough—threw me into such a flurry that I went to bed as much excited as a young Lady after her first ball—and did not fall asleep till four in the morning!!

Did you ever hear of such a pair? fitter to be transfered to Hunter's Museum4 than to live anywhere else on the earth—

I am wearying very much to see you—and what is more to the purpose I will see you before I am much older

Affectionately yours /

Jane Carlyle