August 1843-March 1844

The Collected Letters, Volume 17


TC TO EDWARD FITZGERALD ; 4 September 1843; DOI: 10.1215/lt-18430904-TC-EF-01; CL 17: 111-112


Haddingtonp, 4 Septr, 1843—

Dear Fitzgerald,

If you sent a Note to Liverpool it would go on to Chelsea; and may find me still in this quarter, tho' preparing for return by Sea. Have you actually come to Naseby?1 I know not; but yesterday I thought diligently of you and it; yesterday (3d of September as it chanced) I was at Dunbar! Truly a pretty place to fight a battle in; a place still recognisable: taking the precaution to revise my Notes, and consult Books &c at Edinburgh before setting forth, I contrived to assure myself that here was the place of fight,—where Oliver saw the Sun rise over the Sea just as the Scots gave way, and then broke forth, worthy man, into a Psalm, “Arise O Lord” &c (Psalm 76 v. 1 I think).2— I saw this place by myself; I hope to look at Naseby along with you: it must be done!

Accept this hurried word from me, and no more.

Yours ever truly /

T. Carlyle