August 1843-March 1844

The Collected Letters, Volume 17


JWC TO JEANNIE WELSH ; 13 January 1844; DOI: 10.1215/lt-18440113-JWC-JW-01; CL 17: 241-242


Saturday [13 January 1844]

Dearest Babbie

I have been very sick all the week—am very sick at this moment—,and whenever it is so with me, the Devil puts it into the heads of ever so many people to write me letters of a business sort requiring immediate answer— Now these are two afflictions together which do NOT make a consolation and between them my always intended letter to you has got itself crushed to death before it was born— Today I did not come down to breakfast and have nevertheless had a mortal long letter to write about a most uninteresting and for me out of the way matter viz. the actual state of the book trade—and now I have really not physical force remaining for my Babbie—let this be merely then for a sign that she is in my thoughts—which she need hardly I think ever doubt anyhow— I hope to write at full length in a day or two— Meanwhile I must not leave out C's message to Walter M. “the box of tobacco arrived all exquisitely correct—except for one little omission—the bill—which he (C) had expressly requested might be sent—but he hopes to have soon an opportunity of settling with himself here at Chelsea— Is our Walter not coming this way then? What did he mean by raising hopes if he did not mean to fulfil them?— Do urge on him that I have a good spare bed—and a warm welcome at his service— Here is Helen with a small cup of beef tea—Maggies bonnet!1

Your own in all states of stomach—and mind /