August 1843-March 1844

The Collected Letters, Volume 17


JWC TO WALTER MACGREGOR ; 28 February 1844; DOI: 10.1215/lt-18440228-JWC-WMA-01; CL 17: 285


[28 February 1844]

My dear Cousin

Your idea has not common sense in it! is in fact a manifestation of that tremendous state of bewilderment into which even the bravest spirits are apt to fall in the first week of their marriage! Bless your life! it is the “new-marrieds” (as Mazzini would say) who have to do all the dining out in the first instance; we old-marrieds sit comfortably by our fire-sides and receive them—poor victims that they are!

Come you here then according to the custom of all civilized nations—either Saturday or Monday. Tomorrow I have to offer up a sacrifice to the Evil genius of The Piano next door—

The old Thunderer is standing over me swearing that if I do not make haste he will be off without me— I was so sorry at having missed you and little Her (I take it for granted that she is less than myself)— Oh that devil of an old impatient Man.

If I miss you today send me word which day you will come—best to turn over the Lady to me for the whole day and you come to dinner at five

Yours affectionately

Jane Carlyle