August 1843-March 1844

The Collected Letters, Volume 17


TC TO JANE ROYD ; 23 March 1844; DOI: 10.1215/lt-18440323-TC-JARO-01; CL 17: 319


Chelsea, 23 March, 1844—

Dear Mrs Royd,

You have done admirably well; may the blessing of the poor and the widow be upon you!

I have forwarded your Note to Miss Ashhurst,1 who will doubtless directly attend to you. I have given her the Countess Pepoli's address;2 but said withal that if she had, as seemed likely, a prompt conveyance to Edinburgh, it would be preferable. The poor old widow Nicol3 will be the better for your labours! “Bear one another's burdens”;4 there is no truer precept.

I wish I were beside you, in sight of the everlasting ocean flood, of the young Spring among the clear Fife hills. But my task lies here rather, it would seem; here too would be blessedness, could I get on with that.

My wife sends many kind regards to you. I am ever

Your's most sincerely

T. Carlyle