April-December 1844

The Collected Letters, Volume 18


TC TO JANE WELSH CARLYLE ; 18 July 1844; DOI: 10.1215/lt-18440718-TC-JWC-01; CL 18: 144-145


Chelsea, Thursday / 18 july, 1844


Here has been Mazzini, here has been ‘a Suffolk man’ (foolish blockhead, wanting nothing with me), here lastly has been Anthony Sterling; and it has struck four, and the dinner is just to be eaten! I write a word, rather to keep up my high character (in speciocity at least) than for any other purpose.

The horse, the Paulet horse,—well, I think I will prohibit you from ever under any pretext making use of any Paulet vehiculatory-apparatus whatever! The Devil seems to be in them all. Think how it would have been, had the wretched animal got its will, and broken my poor Goody into a cripple for me! The conduct of these Lancashire Gigmen, however,—that is the most astonishing of all: Shew a good horse at any rate, whose life soever go for it!—

And you are coming home next week? There is no news equal to that, after all. Come, my poor Goody, home from thy poor little holiday; I wish to Heaven I had some better thing to welcome thee to!— Helen is overjoyed, or professes to be so. The old Stimabile too, who is just on the wing, will still get a sight of his offended goddess: poor old fellow, he looked in for an instant last night, and had a very grey appearance; “going to Hampshire, next week.”——— The ‘smoke’ at Maurice's was actually accomplished last night: a most poor feat; but we did not quarrel about Theology, thank Heaven.

Mazzini looks tolerably well; comes to consult me about what he is to do with the Lady Harriet Book;1 which he already knows to be a chimerical Book, but would gladly not receive in an unpolite way. I suggest calling with it, and at least leaving it at the door with his card. The “Corfu people,”2 whom perhaps you know about (those two poor Italian officers among them) are all taken. I again gave him a sermon upon peace; which he took well.— Dinner; one chop! Adieu my own Goody; come safe home to me soon!

T. C.