April-December 1844

The Collected Letters, Volume 18


TC TO JANE WELSH CARLYLE ; 16 September 1844; DOI: 10.1215/lt-18440916-TC-JWC-01; CL 18: 209-210


The Grange, Monday [16 September 1844]—


I am bound today to Mackintosh's,1 which is within riding-distance of this place; but I am to ride with Lord Ashburton who has business in that direction, and know not at what hour or minute I may be called,—for everything in the excursion line seems to hang upon accidents here, which a little diminishes the pleasure of it to a regular man. One thing too I always find settled, That I am never or hardly ever to be left to my own individual devices, but some one or other, all eager to serve me, is to be of the party. In fact, why should they keep me here in such princely style otherwise?—

In brief therefore I snatch the passing moment to say, that the business is to end on Thursday first. That is the day I am to get back to thee, and our own little quiet lodge; quiet and industrious, tho' dusty and in Cockneyland. Thursday: I will write again to specify the hour. This is all my news that can be called essential.

Charles Buller came yesterday; our Poodle and Greville have already gone today. Strachey still lingers; but goes tomorrow. I, on Thursday, as I said; Buller on Saturday—

Yesterday there came a rag of a Letter from Plattnauer; very daft; which I enclose: make to him, as from me, any answer you see good: That I am coming soon; that he must by no means stir till I consult with him at large, that Dr Weiss2 is a goose &c &c—

I had also a Letter from Jack;3 of some length; but giving almost no news of interest, except that the bacon hams are under way, and will arrive this week.— Nickisson's Proof came also and detained me the whole day:4 a dull day, at any rate; partly rainy; which the Poodle and others had to pass chiefly under the Porticos, laboriously pacing to and fro.— My sleep is slightly improved, not much; it will do till Thursday. My shirts are then also exactly out.

I know not what has dirtied my blotting-paper, and made this sheet shameful!—

Mazzini's business seems to have been a far graver one here than we thought of:5 I am not yet fully instructed in it, but will try to be.— Patient with the Painters;—patient and diligent, my own little thrifty assiduous kind Goody! Thine ever

T. C.