January-September 1845

The Collected Letters, Volume 19


JWC TO HELEN MACKENZIE ; 29 July 1845; DOI: 10.1215/lt-18450729-JWC-HDM-01; CL 19: 117


20 Maryland Street / Liverpool Tuesday [29 July 1845]

Ah my dear Mrs Mackenzie! read my date! and cease to wonder that I should not have jumped at your proposed visit and sent an immediate acceptance of it—

Your note forwarded from Chelsea reached me this morning—curiously enough—for you had appeared to me in some hotchpotch of a dream I had last night! I have a great faith in dreams—moi! Alas that I cannot see you this time—for I do not think of returning to Chelsea for some weeks— my husband is going to Scotland and I when I leave this—into space— I have not yet settled on a fixed point—only to Scotland I cannot go—it is become a churchyard for me Scotland—all who loved me there are dead—and it were too sad for me yet to return there. Kind regards to your husband and sister—who I hope is not finding the waters of this world “very hard for shaving with1

Yours in illegible haste

Jane Carlyle