January-September 1845

The Collected Letters, Volume 19


TC TO JANE WELSH CARLYLE ; 30 July 1845; DOI: 10.1215/lt-18450730-TC-JWC-01; CL 19: 118


Chelsea Wednesday ½ past 3. [30 July 1845]

A bad wet day: the ride put off till five at soonest: otherwise I had not had time for even this small Note to my Goody. I am terribly busy! It is a fact, I have not yet been able to go and get myself a set of covers. On horseback whenever the pen is out of my hand:—yesternight I meant to be out, but there came a heavy proofsheet; I had not done with it till past one in the morning,—being dreadfully stupid to aid the matter! I had a dirty cold too;—but that is mostly gone today.

Darwin had no news; drove me up to the Library for a Book, then generously drove me home again with it. At the library door, Sir Hy Varney1 and Captn Mackenzie simultaneously laid hold of me;—very inconvenient: Mackenzie and his Wife are for Dresden direct, à la bonne heure [well and good]:2 Varney will rejoice to see me at any time,—cannot hope now till after about a month. Night solitary; work tried; a very poor stock of it done. Yesterday, powerless, somewhat wretched (owing to cold) I met Richd Milnes, mounted, as I went out to ride. Glad to see the little sausage. To Roehampton3 together, at a very swift rate; to call for some old Fryston Aunts of his:4 call not edifying; ride very swift, and the talk not useless to me. Afterwards, chicken-broth, brandy-punch, sleep—work till one.

This is my whole History; Jack has sent me one of the shortest of Letters; and the bad news in it that my poor old Mother is unwell: a gloomy fact for my imagination in this mood. If you have any time at all in these days or weeks, I wish you would write a Letter to her, or to Jamie, or some of them; and testify how busy I am.

Day after tomorrow you remove; poor little Goody. Helen asked “My—! is there no Letter today?” Not a line: we have only wanted two days yet. The kitchen here is very brisk indeed; and now, I think, there is a washing on foot.—— Today they have finished printing Past and Present. My blessings on thee, dear little Partner!—

T. C.