January-September 1845

The Collected Letters, Volume 19


TC TO JOHN A. CARLYLE ; 26 September 1845; DOI: 10.1215/lt-18450926-TC-JAC-01; CL 19: 216-217


Scotsbrig, 25 [26] Septr, 1845—

Dear Brother,

You were too late with your Newspaper and Letter on Monday; they did not arrive till this morning, along with Jane's Letter. I have added the modicum of oil of cloves, and bottled up the substance in an air-tight phial, after endeavouring to mix and manipulate it as I best could.

We got home last night from Dumfries; all business satisfactorily enough accomplished there; the journey performed without rain, which feat in these climates is sometimes a difficult one. Jean seemed very well, her husband and household prosperous; a terrible tumult of children round her, as usual. The Dumfries people were all agog about some Cattle-show that is soon to be,—building pavilions, cattle-pens, palings &c.1 Aird was unusually heavy and wooden. I hardly spoke to any other except on business.

They are all much disappointed here this morning to understand from Jane's Letter that you are about going into your old lodging straightway; that there is no likelihood of seeing you here. Is that resolution irrevocable? I had calculated on seeing you here before I left: there is room enough for you; and we should not be in one another's way for a few days. My Mother, in thanking you for the Medicines, bids me say how well she would have liked, or would still like, to have your company awhile. Perhaps you may still think of it?

Today is Lockerby2 Market: Jamie set off in a deluge of rain in the morning; and now since noon it is a brisk Sunny afternoon. My Mother sits by me waiting to set out on a walk up the Hill. Wull Easton will take this to the Post. Perhaps you will revoke your resolution not to come to Annandale.

Good b'ye, dear Brother /