October 1845-July 1846

The Collected Letters, Volume 20


JWC TO ANNA BROWNELL JAMESON ; 4 December 1845; DOI: 10.1215/lt-18451204-JWC-ABJ-01; CL 20: 69-70


Bay House / Alverstoke / Hants / 4 December [1845]

My dear Mrs Jameson

Your note, which I was heartily glad to see, found me further off than you thought. My Husband (“admirable” or otherwise) and I too, have been staying for the last three weeks by the sea side with Lady Harriet Baring; and are likely to remain some weeks longer. Your Adversary Cromwell1—(who would not if he had seen you face to face have hurt one hair of your head) has got himself finally completely white-washed and, what is still more important to me, our hands are washed of him—we left him to the tender mercies of Booksellers and Public—and I can tell you it is a precious riddance— Your note was a curious instance of the truth of that saying “speak of—the Devil”!—not many minutes before it came, I had been speaking of you to Lady Harriet to a great extent. She takes an interest in all sincere women and things being herself an incarnation of sincerity—and so it comes that she is not popular— far from it—tho having worth and talent enough to equip a whole regiment of Popularities—

I hope you will come and see us when we return to London—a word with you and a kiss of you always do me good— My Husband is as bilious as the enemies of Oliver—yea as Young Irland itself could wish— And his Wife ditto. But like the pigs to being killed one gets used to it! Ever your affectionate

J W Carlyle