October 1845-July 1846

The Collected Letters, Volume 20


TC TO JOHN LANGTON SANFORD ; 4 December 1845; DOI: 10.1215/lt-18451204-TC-JLS-01; CL 20: 66-67


Bay House, Alverstoke, Hants / 4 Decr 1845—

Dear Sir,

I did not, in my Book about Cromwell, wilfully omit any Letter of his that was known to me as genuine, and seemed to have the smallest significance: but of course, I had to hope and anticipate that the appearance of the Book itself would bring me tidings of various others which had not before turned up for me, or been noted at the moment when they did turn up.1 Besides your “seventy” all of which seem to be printed, and most of which have probably been read by me at one time or other, I have already had notice of three in Autograph, one of which I find would have been very welcome to me had it come in time.

My own researches on the History of Oliver have terminated for the present. However, all Letters and authentic documents concerning him, even if only confirmatory of what is already known, much more if in any point corrective of what may have been wrong-stated of him,—all these are and will be very welcome to me. If it would not cost you too much trouble to give me an exact List of your Seventy Letters, with date and address, and precise citation of the Books they are found in, I would lay up the Document carefully, and turn it to use if I could. Many of the seventy, I think, must be Official, and little more than signed by Oliver: but in any case your List, if you pleased to forward it to Chelsea at your leisure, could do no harm whatever, and might to me or to some other do real good, and demand new thanks from me.

Yours very sincerely /

T. Carlyle